Load banks

Resistive load bank OR-10kW-12/24V,w.R1

Resistive load bank OR-10kW-12/24V,w.R1 is designed to diagnose and regulate power generators, power supplies and batteries of 12/24VDC voltage. The load bank is a mobile device used to continuous or temporary work with appliances of maximum load of 10 kW. The device is dedicated to work indoors or outdoors under the roof.



Technical parameters

Type OR-10,w.R1
Version OR-10kW-12/24V,w.R1
Document marking OR.10-
Load type of the tested appliance resistive, cos φ = 1
Total weight 125 kg
Dimensions (lenght x height x width) 900 x 770 x 790 mm
Supply voltage 230V~/50Hz
Supply voltage of the tested appliance 12/24 VDC
Tested rated power (for 12 VDC installation) up to 2,5 kW
Tested rated power (for 24 VDC installation) up to 10,0 kW
Cover colour RAL 6006
Control via control panel
Noise intensity (at the dist. of 1 m) less than 75 dB
Work temperatures 263 - 323K (from –10 to +50°C)
Operation life 20 years
Main overhaul recommended after 10 years


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