Special purpose containers

Command and leisure container KDS.SC-03

Command and leisure container KDS.SC-03 secures adequate working and rest conditions for the operators-crews of air surveillance posts.

The container is built based on the construction of the basic 20-foot 1C container according to a number of dimensional series and ISO classification. The container is unified with a container system of swap bodies and transport chassis used in the Armed Forces.

The housing of the container is structurally divided inside into two compartments: technical - in front of the container, and utility. The basic equipment - built in the technical compartment, includes the following: air conditioning system (cooling and heating), ventilation and air filtering system, dynamic drying system, power supply system, and hydraulic system. These systems provide a comfortable working environment for the post operators-crews, independent of atmospheric conditions, maintaining the required temperature inside the utility compartment, and the quality of air free from dust and possible contamination.

Utility compartment (together with additional floor area obtained by expanding of the rear part of the container) is divided by additional insulating partition wall into operational and leisure parts.

Container KDS.SC-03 is highly mobile, easy to fold and easy to prepare for operation, which is ensured by the autonomous set of hydraulic supports ZPH.20-02,w.SC type, enabling quick and simple semi-automatic unloading and loading of the container on the means of transport.

Operating parameters

Container type  KDS.SC-03
Container documentation   KDS.SC.03-
Empty weight of the container from 7 500 kg (depending on equipment)
Maximum gross weight of the container (with equipment) 12 000 kg
External dimensions of the folded container
(length x width x height)
6,058 x 2,438 x 2,438 m
External dimensions of the expanded container
(length x width x height)
8,080 x 2,438 x 2,438 m
Basic loading space (for equipment transport) 10,5 m²
The total floor area of the container (after expanding) 14,5 m²
Time of container unloading from the means of transport  to 10 min (using supports)
Time of container expansion and preparation for work to 30 min (depending on conditions)
Time of container assembly on the means of transport to 15 min (using supports)
Time of container folding and preparation for transport   to 30 min (depending on conditions)
Height of container lifting (using supports ZPH.20-02,w.SC) max. 1 800 mm
The recommended number of personnel driver + 2 people
The range of container use temperatures   from -30°C to +55°C
The range of storage container temperatures  from -40°C to +65°C
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