Special purpose containers

Container command post MSD.PO-E1

Container command post MSD.PO-E1 comprehensively ensures the conditions of staff work for 10 ÷12 operators at the command positions of the division/subdivision levels in field conditions.

The container body is built based on the steel construction of the basic 15-foot container according to ISO standards. The container walls are covered with laminated multi-layer boards of high thermal and acoustic insulation, and required mechanical resistance.

The housing of the container is structurally divided inside into two compartments: technical - in front of the container, and utility.The basic equipment - built in the technical compartment, includes the following: air conditioning system (cooling and heating), ventilation and air filtering system, power supply system, hydraulic system and IT equipment. These systems provide a comfortable working environment for the users, independent of atmospheric conditions, maintaining the required temperature inside the utility compartment, and the quality of air free from dust and possible contamination.

Utility compartment is expanded by 3x to create a large usable area, adapted to specialized command and communication equipment.

IT equipment of MSD.PO-01 container command post ensures presentation, processing, exchange and collection of data by the internal and additional external LAN and by WAN, using connections to different command systems. The open structure and design of the equipment allows for its easy adaptation to user's requirements.

This container - after appropriate adaptation and completion, may be used in other applications, e.g. as medical, leisure and other purpose container.

Container body used in the position MSD.PO-E1 is characterized by mobility, ease of folding and stability of the superstructure fitted with an autonomous loading set ZPK.15-02, w.SD. This body - after appropriate adaptation and completion, may also be used in other applications, e.g. as medical, leisure and other purpose containers.

Command post MSD.PO-E1 is provided for transport and cooperation with the container transport set KZT.15-01, based on a modernized off-road vehicle STAR 266K (6x6) - including off-road trailer PTJ.04-01 (with built-in power generator).


Technical and operation parameters

Type of container command post  MSD.PO-E1
Documentation of container command post   MSD.PO.E1-
Empty weight of container command post  4 500 kg
Maximum load of container command post with equipment 5 000 kg
External dimensions of the of container command post folded (length x width x height) 4,522 x 2,438 x 2,438 m
External dimensions of the of container command post
expanded (length x width x height)
4,600 x 6,400 x 2,800 m
Basic loading space container command post
(for equipment transport)
5,5 m²
Total floor area of container command post
(after expanding)
14,0 m²
Time of container command post unloading from the transport means  to 10 min (using supports)
Time of the body expanding and preparation of container command post for work to 15 min (depending on conditions)
Time of assembly of container command post on the means of transport  to 10 min (using supports)
Time of disassembly of container command post and preparation for transport to 20 min (depending on conditions)
Lifting height of container command post
(using supports ZPK.15-02,w.SD)
max. 1 800 mm
The recommended number of personnel  driver + 2 people
Range of used temperatures of container command post  from -30°C to +55°C
The range of container command post storage temperatures  from -40°C to +65°C
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